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adjectiveadjective hairier, adjective hairiest

  • 1Covered with hair, especially thick or long hair.

    ‘a hairy chest’
    • ‘The sweet-looking, big-eyed Stevie is now hairy and muscular, covered in tattoos, and boasts a long rap sheet.’
    • ‘All around the pedestal, black tentacles grew of the mist, thick and hairy, their undersides covered with tiny snapping jaws.’
    • ‘Plant surfaces have a wide range of textures: they may be smooth, hairy, and covered with waxes or with moist secretions.’
    • ‘The worms are covered in a hairy, gray fleece composed of bacteria.’
    • ‘The female lays large black or brown oblong egg cases that are covered with hairy tuffs that help anchor them in place.’
    • ‘In quite a few of these species the inner side of the skin that covers the bulb is covered with a thick hairy layer that provides extra protection.’
    • ‘She let out a cry of surprise but her mouth was immediately covered by a big hairy hand.’
    • ‘Lately the only people who've been flirting with me are fifty-year old bus drivers with hairy chests and their uniform shirts open to their belly-buttons.’
    • ‘From her doorway one also observed three or four middle-aged guys oiling their hairy chests around the micro-pool.’
    • ‘Oh, and yes, do you want to see my hairy chest again?’
    • ‘Quite a few of my search requests are for hairy chests.’
    • ‘As highlighted in the film's ads, he gets his overly hairy chest waxed.’
    • ‘A new survey says that hairy chests are back in favour, especially on men.’
    • ‘The images of an old cigarette hag and a hairy woman covered in boils appeared.’
    • ‘Should I go along with this or keep my hairy chest.’
    • ‘The man has a hairy chest and two inch fingernails.’
    • ‘He started to tear off his filthy shirt, exposing his hairy chest.’
    • ‘I would have given anything to have the workman's hairy chest.’
    • ‘He stands, red jumpsuit plunge cut to expose his hairy, middle-aged chest.’
    • ‘He tossed the snapshot onto the baddy's hairy chest.’
    hirsute, shaggy, bushy, hair-covered, long-haired
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    1. 1.1Having a rough feel or appearance suggestive of coarse hair.
      ‘a hairy tweed coat and skirt’
      • ‘Her rough, slightly hairy skin bristles beneath my touch.’
      • ‘The thick, hairy appearance of the spider's pedipalps - its frontmost appendages - indicated it was a male.’
      • ‘He shuddered and pushed himself lower among the rough, hairy blankets.’
      • ‘In the scratch there were a few hairy moments later on when the speed began to increase as the riders realised the gap was not coming down.’
      • ‘Yet hairy cushion covers, I now discover, are worse.’
      coarse, bristly, scratchy, prickly
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  • 2 informal Alarming and difficult.

    • ‘we drove up yet another hairy mountain road’
    • ‘Eventually (due to a massive diversion along some hairy country roads, and some cows crossing) we arrive at our destination.’
    • ‘Bumper to bumper we proceeded, the road narrowed and things became hairy.’
    • ‘Avoiding the cab tout trap, we take a short and hairy bus ride.’
    • ‘If things get too hairy you can avoid the awkward step by an easier route on the south side.’
    • ‘She's going to be a scratchy, hairy traveller, she complains bitterly.’
    risky, unsafe, dangerous, perilous, hazardous, high-risk, touch-and-go, fraught with danger
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/ˈherē/ /ˈhɛri/