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Pronunciación /ˈhāSHən/ /ˈheɪʃən/

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  • Relating to Haiti, its inhabitants, or their language.

    ‘I first had to learn the language and find a way into Haitian society.’
    • ‘More than that, we have to project a multiculturalism that makes it clear that we can translate it all - Arabic, Ghanaian Twi, Haitian patois and other languages.’
    • ‘People here all have negative ideas about Haiti, but Haitian culture has a positive side.’
    • ‘Fusing the traditional rhythms of the Caribbean with contemporary song structure, this Haitian band - all 12 of them - offer up an all - singing, all-dancing slice of Vodou rock.’
    • ‘But a legacy of dependency on Haitian labour is matched by a stubborn ideology of racism, through which Dominicans are taught to despise the people who do the work that no self-respecting Dominican would do.’
    • ‘The Canadian party received US $150,000 annually from the Soviets throughout the 1970s and 1980s and was used to funnel funds to Haitian communists.’
    • ‘There were exorcisms and holy-rolling - Haitian voodoo by another name - as people writhed and convulsed on my parents' floor.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon sentiment in the Dominican Republic, which is frequently criticized by international human rights groups for its abuse of Haitian workers.’
    • ‘Montreal's Haitian community is particularly strong, and on Wednesday, Sept.21, the line-up for a series of events celebrating Haitian culture was unveiled.’
    • ‘In fact he is another perennial presidential candidate, delighted to have the chance to burn precious artifacts linked with voodoo and other aspects of Haitian culture - and to do so in full view of the international press.’
    • ‘After a last evaluation I made during a meeting with the person in charge of Haitian security in Port-au-Prince, and the person in charge of American security, the truth was clear.’
    • ‘By 1803, Napoleon had more pressing concerns closer to home to occupy his mind; he decided to recognize Haitian independence from France, if Toussaint were to retire from public life.’
    • ‘Because many Haitians are often forced to squat in uninhabited areas of the island to maintain anonymity, I wanted to shed light on the untold horror stories of Haitian migration.’
    • ‘‘When I was working as a model from '92 to '98, I was the one and only Haitian girl working,’ she says.’
    • ‘Gunfire erupted after a convoy of Haitian police and Brazilian peacekeepers entered the slum on Sunday afternoon in trucks, in a mission that police said was aimed in part at removing roadblocks.’
    • ‘It has been used, over the years, in American university linguistics departments, as well as to help train diplomats who will go on to deal with Haiti, and is now being studied in Haitian schools.’
    • ‘He expected to see cases of tetanus soon and said he, another Haitian doctor and a handful of Argentinian army medics cannot cope with the scores of people needing treatment daily.’
    • ‘Last week's festivities were held to mark 200 years of Haitian independence from France - creating the world's first African republic.’
    • ‘The arithmetic of Haitian health care is simple.’
    • ‘But a storm on Monday forced the Solie River to burst its banks, sweeping away a neighbourhood of wooden shacks built by Haitian migrants working in Jimani.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Haiti.

    ‘The intended beneficiaries of the appeal were not starving Somalis or hungry Haitians.’
    • ‘Even worse conditions exist in the sugar-cane plantations that employ Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent.’
    • ‘Many Dominicans, whatever their skin color, view Haitians as African, and unlike themselves.’
    • ‘The lower class is most often black, descendants of the African slave population or Haitians.’
    • ‘France was a safe haven for many educated Haitians, and only a few middle-class Haitians chose to go to the United States.’
    • ‘He is pleased the works are available to Haitians living here but agrees their use in Haitian schools is the most important accomplishment.’
    • ‘But the Dominicans have twice as much land and many times more jobs, and they need Haitians to work on their farms and construction sites.’
    • ‘We won preliminary court relief, requiring that the Haitians be afforded counsel before repatriation to Haiti.’
    • ‘Duvalier, whose regime was responsible for killing tens of thousands of Haitians, welcomed the landing of US Marines.’
    • ‘The story hobbles through the feelings and thoughts that the recent history of the country must give to Haitians, and we sense a missed opportunity.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Bourque hopes to win Haitians back by promising his mayoral salary to the fight against gangs, a big issue among Haitians.’
    • ‘And should there be a flow of Haitians into Florida, Florida voters may be looking for someone to pin the blame on.’
    • ‘The eight million Dominicans have twice as much land and many times more jobs than the eight million Haitians, whose economy is going nowhere.’
    • ‘She says Haitians sometimes view Haiti through two extreme prisms.’
    • ‘However, the Haitians seemingly placed equal emphasis on nonphysical components of health and illness.’
    • ‘The Haitians won their independence early in the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘I don't think I'm overstating when I say that Haitians just love a good story.’
    • ‘At city hall, we were swallowed into a crowd of thousands of Haitians waving signs and screaming demands for justice.’
    • ‘Our ancestors who came to this land in much the same way that the Haitians are coming now would neither expect nor accept any less from us.’
    • ‘200 years ago, thousands of Haitian slaves staged a successful armed revolt against a much larger French occupying force, becoming the first and only successful revolution of enslaved people.’
  • 2

    (also Haitian Creole)
    The French-based Creole language spoken in Haiti.

    ‘The two main languages of Haiti are Haitian Creole and French.’
    • ‘While Haitian Creole has a French word base, the two languages are distinct.’
    • ‘It will also operate in four languages, English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole.’
    • ‘Her linguistic abilities include Italian, French, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Vietnamese.’
    • ‘In 1983 the constitution declared both Haitian Creole and French to be Haiti's national languages, with French serving as the official language.’
    • ‘If you've attended a black spoken word performance in Montreal lately, you may have been treated to Parisian French, Haitian Creole, Jamaican patois and American hip hop.’
    • ‘So then I launched into some singsong nonsense that was kinda like a newborn with Tourettes and something in its throat trying to yodel in Haitian.’
    • ‘I was standing in my grandmother's kitchen trying to explain why I wanted to move across the country for a Ph.D. program in Cultural Studies, when I realized there was no word in Haitian Creole for doctoral degree - at least not one that I knew.’
    • ‘They are inscribed with slogans in Haitian kweyol, the hardest baked of the Caribbean Creoles.’
    • ‘The city's 1.1 million students speak more than 40 languages, including Polish, Bangladeshi, and Haitian Creole.’
    • ‘In addition to vocabulary in English, the teachers requested comparable terms in Haitian Creole and Spanish.’
    • ‘When the federal pest management group put out a temporary don't eat-the-pigeons alert two years ago, they made sure it got out there in Haitian Creole and Italian.’
    • ‘In between chants and speeches in Spanish, English, and Haitian Creole, the truck alternately blared hip-hop and various Latino jams.’