Definition of haka in English:



  • A Maori ceremonial war dance involving chanting, an imitation of which is performed by New Zealand rugby teams before a match.

    • ‘Sport, show business and ethnic culture seamlessly blend in New Zealand's favourite sport, rugby, with the haka preceding every test match.’
    • ‘The camera draws back revealing 14 more rugby players performing the haka and dressed in red and black striped rugby shirts.’
    • ‘About 350 men and boys took part in a haka - a war dance.’
    • ‘In the haka, a Maori tradition, the rugby players get in formation, jump up and down, and chant.’
    • ‘According to these men, school hakas were performed by student spectators en masse at inter-collegiate sporting events and, when they were older, at parties and other social events where a group of school-mates gathered.’
    • ‘Learn how to weave a headband, play traditional native drums, perform the haka or create a thatched hut whilst watching contemporary and traditional groups entertain.’
    • ‘Just as an afternoon on the beach was beginning to seem more and more preferable to the queues and chaos, a group of young Maoris did a haka, re-energising the weary crowd.’
    • ‘A Maori haka had fired them up, but alone with their thoughts they contemplated the long day in front of them.’
    • ‘Students marched from school to the town hall then on to her house to perform a haka to show support.’
    • ‘The haka dance of the Maori is one of the best-known cultural traditions of Polynesia.’
    • ‘At our hotel, there's an evening hungi feast, complete with a thundering haka ceremony.’
    • ‘Notable as well was the fact that speakers often identified the hakas in their different performative sites in order to distinguish who they were and how they were or were not related to others.’
    • ‘They are thus well-trained in the discussion and analysis of cultural performances like the haka with a variety of ‘foreign’ audiences.’
    • ‘Overall, what do these conversations say about the haka as a performance?’
    • ‘They gave a sterling performance which included a haka to welcome the athletes through the airport gates.’
    • ‘He said he was ‘quite taken’ with the rugby player's rendition of the haka.’
    • ‘Secondly, they insulted New Zealand icons such as the national anthem and the haka.’
    • ‘Facing the haka in his first game for Ireland should have been the equivalent of the alterniva in the life of a young bull-fighter, but he was too consumed by the noise of the crowd to notice that it was nearly over.’
    • ‘A couple of attempts by isolated guerilla groups around the stadium to greet the haka with boos were hushed by the greater conscience of the crowd.’
    • ‘The evocative wail of the pipes is almost as familiar and dear to generations of New Zealanders as a rousing haka.’