Definition of hakama in English:



treated as singular or plural
  • Loose trousers with many pleats in the front, forming part of Japanese formal dress.

    ‘He dressed in a loose hakama and white gi wrapped with a black belt.’
    • ‘A three-piece kimono, a sleeveless garment known as a kamishimo worn over the kimono, and a hakama, a trouser-like split skirt showed the variety of Japanese culture through different periods.’
    • ‘After finishing his morning ceremony the Founder, still dressed in his formal kimono and hakama, would head for the garden.’
    • ‘Times change, and it is now possible to pay over $500 for a deluxe aikidogi (jacket and trousers only, hakama not included), according to a catalog I have.’
    • ‘The men, in their swinging black skirts, like Japanese hakamas, are ranged downward on stage left.’
    • ‘As soon as I opened the door, an uchideshi garbed in a splashed-pattern kimono and hakama came rushing out into the small foyer from the front room to greet me.’
    • ‘He was dressed in a navy kimono and black hakama.’
    • ‘Just as he began to walk away, two men dressed in hakama walked up to him, sheathed swords in hand.’
    • ‘Changing out of my yukata and pulling on a pair of hakama over a white kimono, I grabbed my two swords, made my way out the door, and swore as they slid closed with a creak loud enough to wake the entire hatago.’
    • ‘Even the hakama (worn on the lower body) serves the same purpose.’
    • ‘She also wore a Priestess's outfit, made up of a white large-sleeved kimono with a red hakama (a pleated skirt) that was tied to the obi that kept it from falling.’
    • ‘When I finally opened the sliding door I was surprised to see him standing there already completely dressed in his haori and hakama and ready to go.’
    • ‘Below the leather part were four other thick leather pieces, two resting on the sides of his legs over his hakama, and the other two in front and in back.’
    • ‘The door slid open slowly revealing a man dressed in a dark green hakama with a long samurai sword in his hands.’
    • ‘Higher-ranking practitioners may wear formal kimono (traditional Japanese dress worn by both men and women), obi and hakama for public demonstrations.’
    • ‘Notice the guy in a purple hakama sticking his head out, in a waki ga mae stance?’
    • ‘His massive torso was encased in a white wraparound tunic, the black skirt hinting at the samurai hakama without leg division.’
    • ‘Under the protective gear, kendoka (students of kendo) wear a hakama, or wide split skirt, reaching the ankles.’
    • ‘We make items like jo and bokken cases and hakama.’
    • ‘He wore a forest green haori with a pair of navy hakama.’



/ˈhäkəmə/ /ˈhɑkəmə/


Mid 19th century Japanese.