Definition of hakim in English:


Pronunciation /həˈkēm/ /həˈkim/


  • 1A physician using traditional remedies in India and Muslim countries.

    ‘Of those women who had reproductive health problems and availed treatment, over 7.5 per cent took the advice of private valid hakim healer.’
    • ‘The family also consulted their local hakim, who said there was no health problem and he need not undergo any treatment.’
    • ‘Though Britishers believed in allopathic treatment, tabibs and hakims earned a respectful place by treating major illness which surprised allopathic doctors.’
    • ‘Registered practitioners of the Indian systems of medicine, called vaidyas, hakims, and sidhas, and teaching institutions have been exempted from the regulations.’
    • ‘A special clay animation film on Shintoo, one of the characters in the novel who contacts a hakim in Delhi's Chandni Chowk area to increase his sexual prowess, makes for very hilarious viewing.’
  • 2A judge, ruler, or governor in India and Muslim countries.

    ‘By the same token, the marriages performed by wali hakim appointed by the government were then accepted as lawful.’
    • ‘However, a hukm can only be issued by the hakim and it is to be observed by other jursiprudents and their followers, and even supersedes their own fatwas.’


Arabic hakim (sense 1) from ḥakīm ‘wise man, physician’; hakim (sense 2) from ḥākim ‘ruler’.