Definition of Halacha in English:



(also Halakha)
  • Jewish law and jurisprudence, based on the Talmud.

    ‘the Rabbi will discuss current topics in Halacha’
    • ‘according to the Halacha’
    • ‘They do not constitute Halacha and they are difficult to concretize but they are clear to the sensitive eye and heart.’
    • ‘Some of them are ineligible according to the Orthodox Halacha (set of Jewish statutes), and others, mostly new immigrants, are not recognized as Jews by the Orthodox authorities.’
    • ‘The first aspect of this Halacha which must be understood is that there is no Mitzvah to drink liquor, as this Halacha only applies to wine as implied by Rashi and the Rambam.’
    • ‘The rabbi responded that if the simple Jew did not know the rabbi, then how could he rely on the rabbi to slaughter the chicken according to Halacha?’
    • ‘At the end of Parshat Shoftim, the Torah discusses the rather unusual Halacha of Eglah Arufah.’
    • ‘He concludes that according to Halacha this man was considered a Jew, but one who had no right to land.’
    • ‘Once, many years ago, when the Rav was visiting a mourner, the mourner didn't know this Halacha and was curious when the Rav sat silently for the entire visit.’
    • ‘In fact, the Shulchan Aruch allocates an entire chapter to this Halacha to emphasize that we not neglect this rule.’
    • ‘There is another reason for this Halacha, however.’
    • ‘The Rambam's Mishnah Torah is a compendium of laws, a book designed to be a handbook of practical Halacha; it is not a storybook.’
    • ‘There is an extremely powerful message behind this Halacha.’
    • ‘Why do the Amoraim dispute the source of the same Halacha?’
    • ‘The Halacha mandates the reading of the Megila and the distribution of Mishloach Manot and Matanot Le'evyonim.’
    • ‘We should find at least one Halacha that we can strictly adopt, grow through it, and encourage our friends to do the same!’
    • ‘Now that we understand the dispute we can discover why Bait Hillel's opinion is accepted as Halacha.’
    • ‘The Halacha of Egla Arufa is representative of a leader's responsibility to his people.’
    • ‘The wagons were a sign from Yosef that he had remembered the last Halacha that he learned with his father Yaakov, the Halacha of Egla Arufa, before they had separated.’
    • ‘According to the Halacha, anyone who does not eat a Kezayit of the Korban Pesach is liable for Kareit.’
    • ‘That is why there is a Halacha that you are not allowed to remove the poles from the Aron.’
    • ‘This lack of clarity certainly serves the Orthodox authorities well, a fact which they do not deny, although according to the Halacha these speculations have no basis whatsoever.’



/ˌhäläˈKHä/ /ˌhɑlɑˈxɑ/ /ˌhäläˈkä/ /ˌhɑlɑˈkɑ/ /həˈlôKHə/ /həˈlɔxə/


From Hebrew hălāḵāh ‘law’.