Definition of Halachic in English:



(also Halakhic)

See Halacha

‘In general, one must consult with his Rav concerning the Halachic propriety of eating any food (even tomatoes or apples) at a non-kosher restaurant.’
  • ‘Most Halachic opinions follow Rav Drunkstein, who says that minors should not drink on Purim at all, unless they regularly drink during the year.’
  • ‘For example, Rav Avraham Shapira writes, ‘It is the accepted practice amongst our rabbinical sages to expend extraordinary effort to find a Halachic solution to relieve someone from the status of Mamzer ’.’
  • ‘Whatever the Halachic ramifications, it is clear that there is something ambiguous about the use of a Bat-Kol.’
  • ‘The Halachic propriety of opening a plastic bag is somewhat complex.’



/həˈläKHik/ /həˈlakik/