Definition of halala in English:


Pronunciation /həˈlälə/ /həˈlɑlə/

nounhalala, halalas

  • A monetary unit of Saudi Arabia, equal to one hundredth of a riyal.

    ‘Net profits per share amounted to 34 halalas, compared with 8 halalas for the same period last year.’
    • ‘But the scheme also introduces new price brackets and hikes the top rate to 38 halalas from 20 halalas.’
    • ‘The Premium 95 gasoline is being sold at 75 halalas a liter, while the Premium 91 costs 60 halalas only.’
    • ‘The charges for calls from land phone to mobile will be cut from 45 to 40 halalas per minute.’
    • ‘Whereas in Saudi Arabia, we have the cheapest gas on the planet, 90 halalas per liter.’
    • ‘Consumers get electrical supply at extremely economical prices ranging from six Halalas to thirty halalas per KW / hour of energy, for housing and commercial usage.’
    • ‘In off-peak hours, the rate will be 40 halalas per minute instead of 50 halalas.’
    • ‘The currency of Saudi Arabia is Riyal, which is divided into 100 halalas.’
    • ‘Text messaging is cut from 30 to 25 halalas [$0.08 to $0.07] per message inside the Kingdom, and from 70 to 60 halalas [$0.19 to $0.16] overseas.’
    • ‘Coins are issued in the value of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 halalas.’