Definition of halberdier in English:


Pronunciation /ˌhalbərˈdir/ /ˌhælbərˈdɪr/ /ˌhôlbərˈdir/ /ˌhɔlbərˈdɪr/


  • A man armed with a halberd.

    ‘The soldiers all have different traits based on their roles, from simple foot soldiers to noble cavalrymen, and taking in lancers, halberdiers, archers, crossbowmen, officers and lords.’
    • ‘The defending halberdiers rushed forth to meet the cavalry, and simultaneously stopped short to plant stakes.’
    • ‘In the brief quiet before the fighting began I spoke with one of the elderly halberdiers who was telling me that this was only the scouting force and that worse was to come!’
    • ‘Under a classical arch a solitary halberdier bears witness to the historic detente between north and south.’
    • ‘Sorin glanced back at the halberdier, and noticed the man was already on his way to flee the scene.’


Early 16th century from French hallebardier, from hallebarde (see halberd).