Definition of halite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhalīt/ /ˈhælaɪt/ /ˈhāˌlīt/ /ˈheɪˌlaɪt/


  • Sodium chloride as a mineral, typically occurring as colorless cubic crystals; rock salt.

    ‘In addition to quartz, fluid inclusions can occur in carbonates, gypsum, halite, fluorite, feldspar, garnet, pyroxene, amphibole, tourmaline, olivine, and sphalerite; indeed in most minerals except phyllosilicates.’
    • ‘The most common minerals of chlorine are halite, or rock salt, sylvite, and carnallite.’
    • ‘Although relatively simple, this system offers a wide range of minerals to depict (e.g., fluorite, halite, pyrite, and so forth).’
    • ‘Sodium chloride (chemical formula NaCl), known as table salt, rock salt, sea salt, and the mineral halite, is an ionic compound consisting of cube-shaped crystals composed of the elements sodium and chlorine.’
    • ‘If the test sample is halite (only sodium ions), then the washing remains clear, being composed of soluble sodium chloride and soluble sodium tetraphenylborate.’


Mid 19th century from Greek hals ‘salt’+ -ite.