Definición de hammer and tongs en inglés

hammer and tongs


  • Energetically, enthusiastically, or with great vehemence.

    ‘all the way to the bottom, Larry could hear them clanging away, hammer and tongs’
    • ‘It went into extra-time, you had two world-class teams going at it hammer and tongs.’
    • ‘We expected Clare to come at us hammer and tongs, but it wasn't until we began to create space for ourselves up front in the closing quarter that the tide turned in our favour.’
    • ‘Poor old Gordon has to sleep on the other side of the house, while Cherie's going at it hammer and tongs, screaming like a banshee.’
    • ‘Give them a different way to go about discussing ideas and the issues that face the world, and they go at it hammer and tongs.’
    • ‘They have played with great tempo, and been so positive in going at their opponents hammer and tongs.’
    • ‘On the pitch two gallant teams went at it hammer and tongs while off it, their passionate supporters kept up an incessant cacophony, which will not, I'll warrant, be equalled at the county final.’
    • ‘Several commenters down below have gone at it hammer and tongs and have gotten periodically diverted into arguing that the nuclear attacks on civilian populations in Japan were just.’
    • ‘On Thursday, she went hammer and tongs at the Government when condemning the arrest of women employees in connection with the ongoing State-wide strike by service organisations.’
    • ‘They were eating steak pie suppers and arguing hammer and tongs when suddenly she got out.’
    • ‘How can you go at a ruling hammer and tongs when you have this sort of culture?’
    strenuously, with great vigour, strongly, powerfully, potently, forcefully, with force, forcibly, energetically, aggressively, heartily, eagerly, with eagerness, enthusiastically, with enthusiasm, with great effort, with all one's might, with might and main, with a will, for dear life, for all one is worth, to the best of one's abilities, as best one can, all out, with a vengeance, fiercely, intensely, hard, as hard as possible, as hard as one can, with all the stops out, like the devil, like the deuce, at full tilt