Definition of hand-knit in English:


(also hand-knitted)

Pronunciation /han(d)ˈnit/ /hæn(d)ˈnɪt/

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  • Knitted by hand rather than by using a machine.

    ‘an intricate hand-knit sweater’
    • ‘hand-knitted baby clothes’
    • ‘The pensioner presented him with a hand-knitted cardigan and booties for his week-old son.’
    • ‘Other gifts, kindly made and given by members of the public, included a cardigan, two pairs of bed socks, and a hand-knitted tea cosy.’
    • ‘At the state convention, tributes were read and his special hand-knitted sweaters were displayed in remembrance.’
    • ‘She pulled out Aunt Natty's hand-knitted brown sweater.’
    • ‘It turned out to be the most beautiful hand-knitted jumper I had ever seen.’
    • ‘When drying a hand-knitted jumper or other very fragile garment, lay it flat on top of a clean towel and roll up.’
    • ‘Every hand-knitted scarf or jumper is arguably a work of art, certainly to those of us who haven't mastered a pair of knitting needles.’
    • ‘I wore dungarees, a working shirt, and a hand-knitted pullover.’
    • ‘He says that many younger women take up knitting when they get pregnant and want hand-knitted baby clothes.’
    • ‘A hand-knit yellow cardigan adds to her Doris Day secretarial look.’
    • ‘Traditional hand-knit wool sweaters start at around $200.’
    • ‘But when it gets chilly, the island's a fantastic place to stock up on hand-knit Aran sweaters.’
    • ‘The hand-knit alpaca sweaters are made in Bolivia by women looking to support their children and extended families.’

transitive verbhand-knits, hand-knitting, hand-knitted, hand-knit

[with object]
  • Knit (a garment) by hand.

    ‘socks were available ready-made, but many women continued to hand-knit them as well’
    • ‘the cardigans were hand-knitted by my mother’
    • ‘If I threw out every item suspected of sweatshop involvement I'd be left with a woolly jumper hand-knitted on the Aran Islands.’
    • ‘The store offers some cozy wear, including wool arm warmers, hand-knit by one of the owners' mommies.’
    • ‘I am doing my doctoral dissertation on the art and practice of hand-knitting for women.’
    • ‘And who wants their mother hand-knitting jumpers and going at the job of being a parent not just full-time but also full-tilt?’
    • ‘In the 17th century, hand-knitting began to spread throughout the Dales.’
    • ‘Hand-knitting had almost died out in recent years, but the click of the needles is being heard again.’
    • ‘Those famous cardigans were all hand-knit by Mr. Rogers' mother.’
    • ‘Turns out some of those sweaters were actually hand-knit by his own mom.’
    • ‘"She actually hand-knitted a cardigan for me," Christine said.’


  • A garment that has been knitted by hand.

    ‘as the trend for novelty knitwear continues to prevail, the popularity of hand-knits is on the rise’
    • ‘A selection of hand-knits from Gwen Walsh will be on display from December 9.’
    • ‘This summer we had over 50 workers doing hand-knits.’
    • ‘A note of thanks to all who supported the Apostolic Work in their annual display and sale of handknits.’
    • ‘Katie, a very talented woman, sold dried flowers and some beautiful handknits.’
    • ‘Working with machine knit fabric allows me to do finishes that I wouldn't do on a hand-knit.’
    • ‘There will be raffles and a sale of handknits, jewellery and many other craft items.’
    • ‘He also sold cashmere sweaters and handknits.’
    • ‘At this end of the market, overseas demand remains strong, especially for updated versions of traditional hand-knits, linens and tweeds.’
    • ‘A more appreciative customer for one's handknits cannot be imagined.’
    • ‘Now the entire fall line is available to the rest of us, featuring jewel tones and rich hand-knits, plus capes, coats and leggings.’
    • ‘They do not look askance at me for my wardrobe, a mix of late 1990s investment banker fashion, thrift stores, and clothing swaps with a few hand-knits thrown in.’
    • ‘Kathie displayed some very pretty children's hand-knits.’