Definition of hand down in English:

hand down

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phrasal verb

  • 1hand something down, hand down somethingPass something on to a younger person or a successor.

    ‘songs are handed down from mother to daughter’
    • ‘Of course they can conserve these things only by handing them down, by passing them on to their children, or to somebody's children.’
    • ‘It used to belong to my father, but before he passed away he handed it down to me.’
    • ‘The songs were handed down in special hand-copied notebooks.’
    • ‘The techniques have been handed down to successive generations.’
    • ‘The techniques were handed down from mother to daughter and men had nothing to do with the whole process, other than to sell whatever was left over.’
    • ‘In India, much as it used to be three or four generations ago in America, methods and recipes are handed down directly from mother to daughter, with no written instructions to interfere.’
    • ‘The silver pendant I see around your neck was your father's wedding gift to her; it has been handed down through the eldest daughters and queens of your house for over a thousand years.’
    • ‘All those people are no more, the motherland is unified but their distinguished words are handed down.’
    • ‘Teachers of the lineage transmit the Buddha's knowledge as it has been handed down from teacher to student through the ages.’
    • ‘The major difference between a gift and a theft is that of handing something down as opposed to underhandedly taking something away; in giving, the act itself creates links, whereas in taking all links are denied.’
    pass on, pass down
  • 2hand something down, hand down somethingAnnounce something, especially a judgment or sentence, formally or publicly.

    ‘it was the most liberal decision ever handed down by a football authority’
    • ‘One way round such fears is to allow the relatives to speak after the sentence has been handed down, some critics suggest.’
    • ‘Two weeks later the formal decision was handed down to close the private bank, a bitter pill that Citigroup recently disclosed cost it $244 million in the fourth quarter alone.’
    • ‘I ought formally to hand the judgment down, unless, having read it, you have noticed any errors or omissions?’
    • ‘Asked if he felt remorse after his sentence was handed down, Graner said: ‘There's a war on.’’
    • ‘He had done some work experience and had just started college when his sentence was handed down.’
    • ‘We figured it's a good time to revisit a fascinating hour we spent with her last July just days after her sentence had been handed down.’
    • ‘Stiff jail sentences were handed down to two men for a vicious city centre attack.’
    • ‘In Cambodia, sentences are handed down with convictions.’
    • ‘Though the Feb. deadline for the course catalogue already passed, Stewart expected that approval of the program would be handed down in the last few weeks.’
    utter, give, make, read, recite, broadcast, give voice to, voice, speak, declaim