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hand in hand

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  • 1(of two people) with hands joined, especially as a mark of affection.

    ‘I walked hand in hand with my father’
    • ‘As they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk to the park, Mark looked at her askance.’
    • ‘Together, hand in hand, they walked slowly toward the empty space in his living room.’
    • ‘So we walked together, hand in hand, a perfect pair of lovers bathed in the moonlight.’
    • ‘The two regularly would walk hand in hand through the botanical gardens of Rangoon, followed by a beer in the cafeteria.’
    • ‘They then walked hand in hand down the beach to swim in the sea.’
    • ‘Artist Marudu inaugurated the evening with his sketch of three persons walking hand in hand.’
    • ‘After the game, the sun was setting in Berkeley as we walked hand in hand through the streets.’
    • ‘They walked hand in hand to the clinic's kitchen and sat down together at the small stainless steel table.’
    • ‘It was here a young couple walked hand in hand, whispering sweet endearments to the other.’
    • ‘Mary was happy to walk hand in hand with him, absorbing the exciting atmosphere at the track.’
    holding hands, clasping hands, with hands clasped, with hands joined
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    1. 1.1Closely associated.
      ‘she had the confidence that usually goes hand in hand with experience’
      • ‘To be fair, this point goes hand in hand with the previous one.’
      • ‘Surveys show that well-managed shooting land goes hand in hand with a wider and richer diversity of plants and wildlife.’
      • ‘We should all bear this in mind, for territorial ambition often goes hand in hand with the censor's creed.’
      • ‘Death goes hand in hand with another tenet of the rational faith, the knowledge of impermanence.’
      • ‘Reform of the political system, said Mubarak, goes hand in hand with economic reform.’
      • ‘Pest control goes hand in hand with ambitious industrialization in Chinese history.’
      • ‘Travelling goes hand in hand with school summer holidays whether it is to the local play group or to the south of France.’
      • ‘It's summer here and in New Zealand summer goes hand in hand with periods of humidity.’
      • ‘At its worst, and this is most common, it goes hand in hand with extraordinary, overblown vanity.’
      • ‘The doctrine of education for all goes hand in hand with the provision of free education.’
      in close association, closely together, together, in partnership, closely, conjointly, concurrently, side by side, in concert
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hand in hand