Definition of hand lotion in English:

hand lotion


  • A moisturizing lotion for the hands.

    ‘a tube of hand lotion’
    • ‘Always use a hand lotion or cream after washing your hands.’
    • ‘Dry, flaky skin that persists despite the use of hand lotion and skin creams could very well be a fungal infection.’
    • ‘If you spend time in the school computer labs, it's a good idea to carry some antibacterial hand lotion in your backpack.’
    • ‘Their ginseng hand lotion is the ultimate luxury for me.’
    • ‘If you are looking for a good hand lotion buy some coconut oil.’
    • ‘When applying hand lotion, be sure to massage the moisturizing lotion into nails and cuticles (even if your nails are polished).’
    • ‘Find something that smells delicious at Bath and Body Works, such as hand lotion, shower gel, or body spray.’
    • ‘Based on my experience, making homemade hand lotions is actually uncomplicated, quick and moderately inexpensive.’
    • ‘Ensure you don't forget to rub hand lotion into your nails and nail beds to keep them soft.’
    • ‘Women are definitely slathering it on more than men as 97% of women use hand lotion and 96% use body lotion versus 80% and 66% among men, respectively.’
    • ‘Looking after your nails couldn't be simpler: all you really need to do is keep them clean, clip them neatly, and regularly use a hand lotion to keep them moisturized and smooth.’
    • ‘Fill a Ziploc bag with some lip balm, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, a small bottle of hand lotion, a sleep mask, a pair of socks, and some eye drops.’