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  • Designed to be held in the hand.

    ‘a handheld computer’
    • ‘Clark says this move away from hand-held camera work effectively forces audiences to face the proverbial music.’
    • ‘I read recently film directors now believe hand-held cameras make for greater realism in films, particularly street locations.’
    • ‘He shot Tigerland almost like a documentary, with hand-held cameras and no make-up.’
    • ‘Among other things, this means the films are shot using hand-held cameras and no props are used.’
    • ‘A number of officers will also carry hand-held video cameras to gather intelligence.’
    • ‘Herzstark managed the company in 1930 and began work on his own design for a hand-held calculator.’
    • ‘More recently, it designed a version that doctors can access with hand-held devices.’
    • ‘The intricate figurines that roll out of his sandalwood art when he opens one hand-held closet after another is beyond comparison.’
    • ‘You could use them in chisels, mixers, fans, and hand-held scalp massagers.’
    • ‘The first few items go on a magical speed, when Mangal Junior turns sticks into flowers, umbrellas and hand-held fans.’
    • ‘For instance, all these installations have frame metal detectors apart from hand-held metal detectors.’
    • ‘In addition, ISRO has sent many hand-held satellite phones to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.’
    • ‘Security at the court was tight with hand-held metal detectors, and a second security check inside the building.’
    • ‘The study was conducted in Australia to estimate the crash risk in a jurisdiction where hand-held phone use is banned.’
    • ‘They said several detonations, probably rockets fired from hand-held launchers were also heard.’
    • ‘And their colleagues in civil dress with hand-held metal detectors were also present.’
    • ‘Now with buckets and hand-held hoses to Council's regulations we are watering occasionally.’
    • ‘Grind the orange pulp, peel, and raisins together with a hand-held mixer until it resembles a paste.’
    • ‘Easy to use and learn, it works as a close-up, hand-held version of a harmonica.’
    • ‘Paper models of computers and hand-held organizers have now become standard offering fare.’



/ˈhandˌheld/ /ˈhændˌhɛld/