Definition of handicraftsman in English:


nounplural noun handicraftsmen

  • A worker skilled in making objects by hand.

    ‘the apparatus and tools used by the handicraftsmen’
    • ‘Railways brought in cheap machine-made articles that sapped the trade and labour of the handicraftsman.’
    • ‘The latter half of the eighteenth century turns the workman who was once a handicraftsman helped by tools, and next a part of a machine, into a tender of machines.’
    • ‘On the land the peasant cultivated his own plot with his own implements; in the town the handicraftsman laboured primarily at least on his own account.’
    • ‘The old labor competition would cease; there would be no more handicraftsmen or home-workers to force into the proletariat.’
    • ‘Every attempt of the Roman handicraftsmen to better themselves was a breach of the peace; disobedience was rebellion; resistance was treason; running away was desertion.’
    • ‘The men Columba sent forth were not only able teachers of Christian truth, they were skilful agriculturists, trained artisans, and cunning handicraftsmen.’
    • ‘An act of 1646 authorized the constables of every town to require artificers and handicraftsmen "to work by the day for their neighbours in mowing, reaping of corn and inning thereof."’
    • ‘Workers and handicraftsmen, while quitting the secret societies of the bourgeois democrats and the republicans, brought with them as a legacy the conviction that the oppressed and exploited of all nations had a common task.’
    • ‘Handicraftsmen lost their patrons who used to give them material help and encouragement.’
    • ‘Should the owners of small estates worked by tenants (a category which included land which was the support of widows and orphans, and land owned by local handicraftsmen and others) be expropriated, or subjected only to the reduction of rent?’
    • ‘It was the handicraftsmen, like the other petty bourgeois of the towns, who displayed an exceptionally revolutionary spirit in the era of the fall of absolutism.’
    • ‘In the twelfth century the actual handicraftsmen found themselves at last face to face with the development of the earlier associations of freemen which were the survivals from the tribal society of Europe.’
    artisan, craftsperson, tradesman, tradesperson, mechanic, technician, operative, maker, smith, wright, journeyman



/ˈhandēˌkraf(t)smən/ /ˈhændiˌkræf(t)smən/