Definition of handled in English:



  • Having a handle or handles, especially of a specified type or number.

    in combination ‘brass-handled doors’
    • ‘a two-handled cup’
    • ‘You cannot place bone-handled silver knives in the dishwasher.’
    • ‘The lady behind the counter used a double-handled cheese knife to slice samples off of wheels of their aged edam and gouda.’
    • ‘He took a large-handled broom used by the porter.’
    • ‘The coffee is made individually in small, long-handled pots.’
    • ‘Using a stiff long-handled brush, scrub the stain with concentrated detergent suds.’
    • ‘To this good day, a set of plastic-handled steak knives reside in my Mother's silverware drawer.’
    • ‘In 1967, they were the first company to produce plastic-handled scissors.’
    • ‘One lady carried a handled shopping bag.’
    • ‘His possessions lay around him, including a bit and bridle from his horse at his head, pairs of stirrup mounts and spurs by his feet, and a handled iron cauldron.’
    • ‘Strain the mulled wine into a handled glass or mug, and drink warm.’



/ˈhandəld/ /ˈhændəld/