Definition of handleless in English:



See handle

‘As we reached the shade of a black, goat-hair tent, a white robed tribesman with shaky hands poured coffee from a long-spouted pot into a tiny handleless cup.’
  • ‘They contain hot fluids with incredible accuracy and the amazing ‘no drop’ handle makes them almost ten times more difficult to drop on your lap than conventional handleless coffee mugs.’
  • ‘One fragment of what was probably a handleless cup is a thin, blue-glazed piece with a preserved remnant of additional enamel decoration over the glaze in the form of a bit of Chinese calligraphy.’
  • ‘The decanter as we know it today has changed form very little in the last 250 years, in that it is a handleless clear glass bottle with a capacity of about 1 litre and, normally, a stopper.’
  • ‘It consists of small, handleless, intricately decorated cups of the kind used for Turkish coffee, set down simply in a circle on the floor.’