Definition of handprinted in English:



  • 1Written by hand with the letters separately formed.

    ‘The college had just given him an honorary luncheon for his eightieth birthday, which was in 1959, and he had presented them with a precious hand-printed book by William Blake.’
    • ‘Griff sends me the hand-printed birth announcement he promised after I gave him some feedback on the design.’
    • ‘This means that she can recognise hand-printed cards.’
    • ‘Inside his thatched bungalow, Bradson read what had been photocopied from a hand-printed original.’
    • ‘Although most of the text is typeset, there are many passages that are hand-written, and there are also proof-reading corrections hand-printed within the textual passages.’
  • 2(of paper, fabric, etc.) printed by hand.

    ‘The first winner is textile designer Ciaran Sweeney whose hand-printed silk and velour drapes and capes have become a favourite with President Mary McAleese, The Corrs and Moya Brennan of Clannad.’
    • ‘After going through a hand-printed silkscreen process, each individual piece of art is meticulously cut, glued, glittered and assembled, all by hand.’
    • ‘In Coimbatore, the most popular items are hand-printed textiles… the sarees with rich borders… and the clothes with zari embroidery done by hand.’
    • ‘The goodies displayed for sale at ‘Koodaram’ include tea - coasters, cushion and sofa covers, hand-printed sarees, wall - hangings and glass paintings.’
    • ‘They have been doing fabrics and hand-printed wallpaper for centuries.’



/ˈhandˌprin(t)əd/ /ˈhændˌprɪn(t)əd/