Definition of handroll in English:



  • A type of sushi consisting of a cone of dried seaweed filled with rice, fish, vegetables, etc.

    ‘I can't in good conscience recommend the hand rolls tonight.’
    • ‘Chefs are busy behind the station, making all kinds of hand rolls according to the orders of the customers.’
    • ‘We started with the raw dishes such as sashimi and tuna belly handroll (delicious).’
    • ‘Conspicuously absent, however, are maki sushi (rolls) of any kind, though some hand rolls are available.’
    • ‘The terrine of pressed aromatic duck blends perfectly with shitake mushrooms, and is accompanied by a duck sushi nori hand roll and a petit salad of duck liver and confit.’
    • ‘A sushi maker in Southold Village hands over the hand rolls for them, and a fisherman in Orient pays with striped bass and blackfish.’
    • ‘The extensive sushi menu by Alan Kim includes everything from crab shumai and edamame to eel hand roll and yellowtail sashimi.’
    • ‘I ordered some, along with a few standards, Californian handroll (fresh crab, they assured me), spicy tuna hand roll and sake nigiri.’
    • ‘I ordered some, along with a few standards, Californian handroll, spicy tuna hand roll and sake nigiri.’
    • ‘The chef also created many other dishes with tuna, such as the tobiko tuna rolls, spicy tuna hand rolls and grilled tuna-aburi rolls.’
    • ‘There was just a squirt of pure wasabi inside a handroll.’
    • ‘The one stroke of originality, the house sushi dessert (vanilla and banana-coconut hand rolls), strains for wit and collapses into a gooey sooey.’
    • ‘In the California hand roll, however, the crab, cucumber, and avocado were food-processed into a lumpy, green mixture lopped over the rice.’
    • ‘They make this divine ebiten hand roll with a tempura prawn, chunk of raw salmon and avocado, wrapped in nori.’



/ˈhandrōl/ /ˈhændroʊl/