Definition of handsell in English:



See handselling

‘The School was handselled with two unique archival gifts.’
  • ‘The Borders nearest my house handsells my books, so do some of the mystery indies around the country.’
  • ‘He needed to get out from behind the chair, talk to staff, talk to customers, and handsell his books.’
  • ‘I think this book will be great to handsell and I can't wait for it to come out.’
  • ‘We feel a strong sense of obligation to give something back to the independent bookstores that handsell our book.’
  • ‘It's not your store and the bookseller is under no obligation to handsell your book.’
  • ‘Booksellers and book buyers that know their product and handsell books are the BEST asset..’
  • ‘Then she'll have to grin and bear it as she handsells my successful book from her very own store, knowing that I was her dumb little magazine lead who she believed to be quite worthless.’
  • ‘In addition, if a frontline bookseller loves your book, he or she is in a position to handsell directly to customers, which is generally not true of buyers and marketing people.’
  • ‘Among changes, featured authors will mingle with booksellers at all events, not just their events, giving them more opportunities to meet booksellers and handsell their books.’
  • ‘The book has been going into more printings every few weeks - and it's all because of handsells and reader word-of-mouth.’
  • ‘Johnson chooses flavors over points, and relationships with reps over multi-case drops, as he hunts down undiscovered beauties and handsells them to like-minded adventurers.’
  • ‘Instead, we will be working with publishers, literary agents, and book publicists to discover the next sleeper hit or unexpected bestseller… books that you can handsell to success!’
  • ‘Anybody who handsells one of my books to a friend gets a gold star!’
  • ‘It's currently my long-running favorite book to handsell to kids (especially boys) between the ages of 9 and 13.’
  • ‘Beth Anne Steckiel of Beth Anne's Book Corner in Colorado Springs, CO handsells futuristics to her customers.’
  • ‘Princesses Are Not Quitters was a favorite to handsell before I ever interviewed with Bloomsbury.’
  • ‘While most stores have set up special displays for the plethora of titles, many booksellers have expressed reservations about handselling or ‘pushing’ books on customers.’
  • ‘So this is by way of a hasty thank-you to all the independent book-sellers who are handselling American Gods to their customers.’