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  • 1A mobile phone.

    ‘many stolen handsets are believed to end up in Eastern Europe’
    • ‘Finally, once you have upgraded to a slinky new model, put your old handset to good use via a recycling scheme.’
    • ‘Cell-phone penetration is staggering: More than 400 million handsets were sold last year.’
    • ‘The world's flashiest mobile phone makers met in the south of France last week to unveil their latest handsets.’
    • ‘The slowdown in the rate of sales growth of mobile handsets has created overcapacity within the industry.’
    • ‘Today, Nokia is the world leader in handsets, with 38% of the market.’
    • ‘And as the mobile phone market matures, there will be greater emphasis on existing customers buying replacement handsets.’
    • ‘My mobile phone has blue-tooth technology that enables me and my partner to compete against each other in games on our handsets.’
    • ‘Alternatively, move provider - you can often secure yourself a great new deal and brand new handset for the price of a phone number change.’
    • ‘Handsets that are white-hot today will be stone-cold in six months.’
    • ‘Vodafone is now more concerned about keeping customers than getting new ones, so it is prepared to spend money on subsidies for the new handsets.’
    • ‘Nokia's forecasts for the remainder of the year, for handset sales and its own market share, will be subject to close scrutiny.’
    • ‘Plans include a common way in which to top up pay-as-you-go handsets.’
    • ‘Replacement handsets fuelled sales in the United States and Europe, where the mobile phone market is maturing.’
    • ‘By the end of this year or early 2003, expect to see handsets with Java capabilities.’
    • ‘But the trend has begun to change, owing to the availability of cheaper and trendy handsets, affordable pricing and relevant services.’
    • ‘It's easier to sell a new handset on its features, especially where those features might aid bragging rights.’
    • ‘This is a non-profit making experience available on all mobile networks and handsets.’
    • ‘And my own tests with my own equipment have shown that the amount of radiation being received when using a handset is very low.’
    • ‘Get another mobile connection for home, after all, handsets come so cheap these days’
    • ‘Manufacturers of phones should inscribe a warning on the handsets to make the users aware of hazards mobile phones can cause.’
    1. 1.1The part of a phone that is held up to speak into and listen to.
      ‘He's devised a way to hook up vintage telephone handsets to a standard cell phone.’
      • ‘It's almost as impressive as these mobile phone handsets modeled on old Bakelite telephones from the 1950s.’
      • ‘These are transmitters that use radio waves to communicate with mobile phone handsets.’
      • ‘It is very easy to predict that we will have a lot of new cellular phone handsets with stylish designs.’
      • ‘Its strong brand in mobile phone handsets has allowed it to weather the downturn in the telecom sector.’
      • ‘Earlier this year the company announced it would stop making mobile phone handsets due to huge losses in its consumer products division.’
      • ‘There are sad accounts of how foreign truckers have forked out items including mobile phone handsets in lieu of cash.’
      • ‘He argues that people will want to change or update their mobile phone handsets anyway.’
      • ‘Most of the mobile phone viruses target handsets that use the Symbian operating system.’
      • ‘Indeed, so many of us now possess a handset that mobile phone sales have collapsed.’
      • ‘Not everyone can whisper and many habitually shout into telephone handsets.’
      • ‘This was achieved despite a reduction in subsidies for telephone handsets.’
      • ‘By using a telephone handset, users will be guided through a simple procedure to access the information they require.’
      • ‘Alex picked up the handset and listened as the dispatcher gave him instructions.’
      • ‘Within the space of ten years, the mobile telephone handset industry has moved from a growth phase to a maturity phase.’
      • ‘For example, I previously had no idea that you can play games on a handset or send text messages and e-mails.’
      • ‘The trauma of losing a mobile phone is usually not the handset but the phone numbers and saved text messages it contains.’
      • ‘The key to paying bills and redeeming coupons via mobile handsets is the use of camera phones to read special bar codes.’
      phone, handset, receiver
    2. 1.2A handheld controller for a piece of electronic equipment, such as a television or video recorder.
      ‘This locking device can be released by car park porters who will be carrying two handsets called cart controllers.’
      • ‘If Microsoft controls the handset, it tightens its grip on all the other pieces.’
      • ‘In other words, the handset makers and network equipment vendors are in for years of tough negotiations.’
      • ‘They are completely lost, with no water, no maps and certainly no cellphones or GPS handsets.’
      • ‘The company has been developing chipsets for handsets and other terminal devices for a long time.’
      • ‘All are controlled by a single handset, and even the Velux roof lights and blinds open and close at the touch of a button.’
      • ‘Now I'm familiar with three handsets in the Walkman family, and there are no big surprises here.’
      • ‘The idea is to drive the integration of Wi-Fi into set-top boxes, ADSL and cable modems, wireless handsets and so on.’
      • ‘The main bonus is having pushbuttons and display separate from the handset.’
      • ‘The company wants to increase the amount of money it earns making handsets and parts for other equipment manufacturers.’
      • ‘It's even offering a gamepad controller accessory that fits over the back of the handset and looks like an old Nintendo pad.’
      • ‘It looks like a fluorescent pistol, but uses compressed air to fire two darts that trail an electric cable back to the handset.’
      • ‘They hit the target and a five second charge of electricity is delivered from the handset via two thin electric wires.’
      • ‘I have an awful fear that tomorrow I am going to go out and buy a GPS handset.’
      • ‘Interference is one of the key obstacles to such handsets becoming viable and the chipmakers are seeking to solve the problem in different ways.’
      • ‘Compeq makes printed circuit boards that connect semiconductors and other parts in handsets.’
      • ‘The chair's control handset was just a few inches from his hand.’
      • ‘I saw him get back into the cruiser and pick up the handset to call in the record check.’
      • ‘In the same timeframe, handsets will be able to scan for changes in a caller's facial expression.’
      handset, earpiece, receiver



/ˈhan(d)ˌset/ /ˈhæn(d)ˌsɛt/