Definition of hang around in English:

hang around

(British hang round, hang about)

phrasal verb

  • 1Loiter; wait around.

    ‘undercover officers spent most of their time hanging around bars’
    loiter in, linger in, wait around in, spend time in, loaf in, loaf about in, loaf around in, lounge in, lounge about in, lounge around in
    1. 1.1hang aboutBritish informal Wait.
      in imperative ‘hang about, you see what it says here?’
      wait, hold on, wait a minute
      wait, wait a minute, hold on, stop
  • 2hang around withAssociate with (someone)

    ‘he never hangs around with that gang’
    ‘there's this guy named Johnnie who I hang round with’
    associate, mix, go around, keep company, spend time, mingle, socialize, fraternize, consort, rub shoulders