Definition of hangry in English:


adjectiveadjective hangrier, adjective hangriest

  • Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

    • ‘I get very hangry if I miss a meal’
    • ‘Nearing hangry status, we perused the two floors for our eatery options.’
    • ‘I would have even had his portion if he wasn't also so hangry.’
    • ‘Or, they were just really craving a milkshake and fries - I know how I get when I'm hangry.’
    • ‘If I miss this snack I get a bit hangry by the time dinner rolls around at 7ish!’
    • ‘I had my pitcher of margaritas so I wasn't too worried, but after everyone around us had appetizers I was getting hangry.’
    • ‘We sat at the back bar and he was hangry so we ordered the nachos, thinking they were gonna be a snack.’
    • ‘Some people get hangry when their blood sugar levels drop and their irritability rises.’
    • ‘To be your best self, it's helpful to eat a good breakfast (trust us, morning meetings are better when you're not hangry.’
    • ‘If you're hangry, try the hungry man's meal (3 meats with coleslaw and chips on the side).’
    • ‘We've all been there: tired, hangry, and without a piece of fresh produce or healthy snack in sight, and then a drive-thru beckons.’



/ˈhaNGɡrē/ /ˈhæŋɡri/


Early 20th century blend of hungry and angry.