Definition of haplontic in English:



  • (of an alga or other lower plant) having a life cycle in which the main form is haploid, with a diploid zygote being formed only briefly.

    Compare with diplontic and diplohaplontic

    ‘Most are saprophytic similar to true fungi. v. Sexual life cycle is diplontic, fungi have haplontic cycle.’
    • ‘The life-cycle is of haplontic type showing alternation of dominant haploid stage with short-lived diploid stage.’
    • ‘This pattern is reverse of haplontic type.’
    • ‘If it is primarily haploid, it is said to have a haplontic cycle, and if it is primarily diploid, it is said to have a diplontic cycle.’
    • ‘Multicellular organisms with haplontic life cycles follow paths A and C.’



/haˈplän(t)ik/ /hæˈplɑn(t)ɪk/