Definition of happily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhapəlē/ /ˈhæpəli/

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  • 1In a happy way.

    ‘Eleanor giggled happily’
    • ‘She blew a kiss to me through the window of the carriage and I returned it, giggling happily.’
    • ‘He giggled happily and his eyes darted around the room to see if he could not glimpse someone else.’
    • ‘Karolek shrugged and turned to watch the happily giggling blonde girl on the swings.’
    • ‘For ten years the lighthouse was happily staffed by a three man crew, rotated every fortnight.’
    • ‘Bangkok is a city where commerce and pleasure happily share the same parts of town.’
    • ‘In this case there was a happy ending and everybody did live happily ever after.’
    • ‘He cried in delight spinning her about happily, he kissed her cheek and she struggled against him.’
    • ‘He felt like he was drowning in them… dying happily in the blissful sea of her soul.’
    • ‘SUE Millington looks every bit the contented mum as she plays happily with her sons.’
    • ‘He smiles and chuckles, plays happily with his toys and brings delight to everyone he meets.’
    • ‘I would have happily chewed off my own arm just for the pleasure of seeing my book in a shop.’
    • ‘The cow stares at me with it's blissful brown eyes, chewing away quite happily.’
    • ‘I perch happily on a stool, poking gleefully at a small aquarium with a few brightly colored fish in it.’
    • ‘But he finally turns his back on crime and happily discovers he can make more money as a plumber.’
    • ‘You could also happily do some shivering in Somerset with a timely visit to the famous Cheddar Caves.’
    • ‘All seems lost until the handsome Prince Valentine comes to save the day and it all ends happily ever after.’
    • ‘When you start off your need to act is so great you'll happily do anything.’
    • ‘Workers and bosses will live happily together in a wonderful social compact.’
    • ‘Yet surprisingly, large numbers of people happily venture abroad without any cover at all.’
    • ‘However, close friends said they were sure he would happily accept the offer.’
    contentedly, merrily, delightedly, joyfully, gaily, cheerfully, cheerily, agreeably, blithely, light-heartedly, gleefully, blissfully, with pleasure, to one's heart's content
    willingly, gladly, readily, freely, cheerfully, ungrudgingly, unhesitatingly, with pleasure, with all one's heart and soul
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    1. 1.1sentence adverb It is fortunate that.
      ‘happily, today's situation is very different’
      • ‘This was a daunting prospect but, happily, the response was immediate and positive.’
      • ‘Happily there is nothing tragic about the comedy of errors on the subways.’
      • ‘Happily, there are numerous resources out there to help you streamline your tech plan.’
      • ‘Happily it is very seldom that we have to record an event so disgraceful to young men as that which took place on Sunday on the Harlem River.’
      • ‘Happily, it doesn't have to be that way.’
      fortunately, luckily, thankfully, mercifully, opportunely, providentially, felicitously, by chance, by good luck, by good fortune, as luck would have it
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