Definition of happy hunting ground in English:

happy hunting ground

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  • A place where success or enjoyment is obtained.

    • ‘this should prove a happy hunting ground for those in search of a bargain’
    paradise, nirvana, the kingdom of heaven, the promised land, the heavenly kingdom, the City of God, the celestial city, the abode of God, the abode of the saints, the abode of the angels, Zion, Abraham's bosom, the empyrean


happy hunting ground

/ˌhapē ˈhən(t)iNG ˌɡround/ /ˌhæpi ˈhən(t)ɪŋ ˌɡraʊnd/


Early 19th century originally in portrayals of North American Indians as being hopeful for good hunting grounds in the afterlife.