Definition of hard-hitting in English:



  • Uncompromisingly direct and honest, especially in revealing unpalatable facts.

    ‘some of this season's more hard-hitting episodes deal with urban violence’
    • ‘In other words they wish to feed their own egos, impressing their public with their concept of direct hard-hitting so-called truths.’
    • ‘The Insider, an honest and hard-hitting film, won nothing.’
    • ‘It poses a direct and hard-hitting question: to what extent is civility compatible with religion?’
    • ‘A city segregated on racial lines, riven by racism, poverty and prejudice is revealed in a hard-hitting report looking at Bradford.’
    • ‘Stephen Lewis reports on a new, hard-hitting campaign with posters such as this to keep children safe and away from railway lines during the Easter holidays.’
    • ‘The site features a hard-hitting poster campaign, which uses a series of startling images and facts to highlight the cruelty to animals.’
    • ‘Young people are drifting into crime because too little is being spent on keeping them out of trouble, a hard-hitting survey has revealed.’
    • ‘Noise-making culprits will also be directly targeted in a hard-hitting publicity campaign based on market research.’
    • ‘Truant teenagers are being targeted in a hard-hitting poster campaign at bus shelters across East Lancashire.’
    • ‘The campaign, backed by Swindon Council and the police, has seen hard-hitting posters go up in car parks across town.’
    • ‘However, even though the hard-hitting report was very critical of AIB management, no senior manager was sacked.’
    • ‘Saying his ejection from the frontbench was inevitable, he went on to make some hard-hitting criticisms about the state of his own party.’
    • ‘There was an access report commissioned by industry on it, which was tough, hard, hard-hitting, even scathing.’
    • ‘The usually hard-hitting critics of the ABC in some media outlets seem to have ignored this story completely.’
    • ‘One of the standout films of the festival, Proteus was hard-hitting and frank.’
    • ‘For a few moments near the beginning, Center Stage looks like it has a chance to be revealing and hard-hitting.’
    • ‘Most shows and most comics that are hard-hitting are criticizing everything.’
    • ‘The Harvard Center for Risk Analysis criticized the newly hard-hitting coverage.’
    • ‘In fact, the subtitled video is a poignant and hard-hitting meditation on four Turkish women who wear wigs, and why they do so.’
    • ‘Drawing inspiration from real life incidents, he makes hard-hitting films that revolve around issues concerning society.’
    uncompromising, blunt, forthright, frank, honest, direct, tough
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