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hard currency

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  • Currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly or to fluctuate greatly in value.

    ‘The government also announced that Cuban state companies would have to sell the central bank any hard currency received from exports or domestic sales.’
    • ‘The Iraqi official said the money taken amounted to a quarter of the Central Bank's hard currency reserves.’
    • ‘Their purpose is simple: to create a free trade environment conducive to the production of export goods in order to earn hard currency.’
    • ‘That it has taken so long to remove the production of coca can be understood when set against its economic importance, both as a source of hard currency and employment.’
    • ‘ANZ lent the money to North Korea's Foreign Trade Bank, but the loan defaulted due to North Korea's shortage of hard currency.’
    • ‘The ministry said North Korea's lack of hard currency, energy and raw materials will make it difficult for inter-Korean trade to rise sharply this year.’
    • ‘In hard currency in the past decade, our business in emerging markets has grown from €11 billion to €18 billion.’
    • ‘Marshall Tito recognised this and allowed all Yugoslavs to hold two bank accounts: one in dinars for pocket money and one in hard currency for real savings.’
    • ‘In reality, fears of causing domestic currency instability meant that many governments continued to maintain close control of their hard currency supplies.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, legislators passed a law blocking access for three years to hard currency held in high-interest accounts with the country's two state banks.’
    • ‘Required reserves on corporate ruble deposits were raised in order to make banks keep more rubles and, hence, less hard currency.’
    • ‘Early redemption of hard currency loans is banned.’
    • ‘The other risks of a domestically funded budget include a shortage of hard currency, devaluation of the Kwacha and a difficulty in importing goods.’
    • ‘It was also implied that this endogenous expansion of credit could also be greater than the initial increase in the stock of hard currency.’
    • ‘The store's clientele consists of foreigners and a few select party members: Payment is in hard currency only.’
    • ‘Premiums are paid in hard currency thus ensuring that claims for loss or damage due to uninsured peril are also settled in hard currency.’
    • ‘The banks that prospered had licences to work in hard currency.’
    • ‘Shortages of gasoline, food, hard currency and even local bank notes spurred speculation that gave finance houses a boom.’
    • ‘The Central Bank is fast running out of hard currency reserves to sustain the peso-to-dollar convertibility.’
    • ‘This drains hard currency reserves needed to buy imports, takes away funds for investment, and beggars education and health programs.’


hard currency

/ˌhärd ˈkərənsē/ /ˌhɑrd ˈkərənsi/