Definition of hard-fought in English:


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  • Won, achieved, or contested with vigorous effort.

    ‘after a hard-fought match, the game ended in a scoreless tie’
    • ‘hard-fought victories’
    • ‘The question whether grandparents should be able to insist on visitation over the objections of their children has been hard-fought on both sides.’
    • ‘The union's internal power struggles were thrown into sharp relief, following a hard-fought contest for the post of president.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, they eventually turned the land war into a hard-fought contest rather than a rout.’
    • ‘Each game was very hard-fought, the toughest tournament ever, perhaps.’
    • ‘It tells the tale of a long march from the Nile to the Alps over three thousand hard-fought miles.’
    • ‘Many of these draws were hard-fought attempts to win, ingeniously thwarted.’
    • ‘Three of these hard-fought losses came against nationally ranked teams.’
    • ‘This has been a hard-fought election, a healthy contest for American democracy.’
    • ‘It was a hard-fought, day-long battle with heavy losses on both sides.’
    • ‘We acknowledge the need to pursue the still unrealized vision for racial justice, while gratefully recognizing hard-fought victories.’



/härdˈfôt/ /hɑrdˈfɔt/