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hard rock

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  • Highly amplified rock music with a heavy beat.

    ‘I wasn't into hard rock or heavy metal at all, as I found it annoying.’
    • ‘Around me, hard rock and heavy metal and elaborate rap music mixed and blared into one loud noise in these streets.’
    • ‘Somehow, the band manages to keep its furious mix of polka, punk, klezmer, hard rock and free jazz in sync.’
    • ‘Still, there were a lot of people jamming out to various types of hard rock / heavy metal.’
    • ‘And while they play a bit of funky hard rock, the band threw in a old-school punk song that warmed up the audience.’
    • ‘The four men of DIY Band are not young kids playing hard rock with heavy make-up.’
    • ‘It's a record that liberates your mind and sets a new bar for hard rock.’
    • ‘He knows hard rock can't fully outrun cliche, which means the Donnas can't either.’
    • ‘Radio-friendly hard rock doesn't always have to suck, but Nural aren't going to prove that to anyone.’
    • ‘Are these guys supposed to be destroying rock 'n' roll or playing hard rock like the New York Dolls?’
    • ‘What Simple Plan is to punk, so Incubus is to hard rock: a distant cousin that is more popular than the original.’
    • ‘The songs may be old-fashioned hard rock, but producer Steve Albini has polished them to a bright shine.’
    • ‘Lynott, the black man, was an anomaly in the Waspish world of hard rock.’
    • ‘They may be more of a modern rock band now, but they're still far better than what passes for hard rock on the radio these days.’
    • ‘The result is reserved, predictable hard rock that never gets out of first gear when it should be in overdrive.’
    • ‘There are indeed shades of grunge and emo, but there's also pop-punk, ska, even hard rock.’
    • ‘Listen to all three of her released albums and you'll hear folk, jazz, hard rock, even a Spanish love song.’
    • ‘True heavy metal, as distinguished from hard rock, has always had a prominent element of classical music.’
    • ‘The sound planning and design make sure that the music, whether hard rock or pop, does not overwhelm any conversation.’
    • ‘Allwyn Fernandes has all bases covered from hard rock and metal to jazz.’


hard rock

/ˈhärd ˈräk/ /ˈhɑrd ˈrɑk/