Definition of harpoon gun in English:

harpoon gun


  • A type of gun used for firing harpoons.

    • ‘The harpoon gun's infamous role in the near destruction of the worldwide whale population will make it a fascinating and thought provoking addition to the museum's collection.’
    • ‘Hint: play dead or shoot the shark with a harpoon gun.’
    • ‘The harpoon is a metal lance that is blasted out of the ship's harpoon gun by old-fashioned black powder.’
    • ‘The harpoon guns were mounted on fast steam-driven vessels, making it possible to catch the faster-swimming rorquals (blue, fin, Sei, and Minke whales).’
    • ‘Greenpeace first gained a global reputation when its members used inflatable Zodiacs to block the harpoon guns of whaling ships.’