Definition of hatchet-faced in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhaCHət ˈˌfāst/ /ˈhætʃət ˈˌfeɪst/

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  • With a narrow face and sharp features.

    • ‘a stern-looking, hatchet-faced librarian’
    • ‘A catfight breaks out between restless, wilful Miss Braund and her pugnacious chaperone, Mrs Hammond, ending with a slap from the hostess, the hatchet-faced Mrs Rogers.’
    • ‘And Hunt's character, a humourless, hatchet-faced harridan with an undercurrent of insecurity, gives very little for the audience to engage with.’
    • ‘On the door are squads of camp couture Stasi in suits and hatchet-faced girls with long legs and lists.’
    • ‘She sounded just like Sister Mary Joseph, the hatchet-faced Mother Superior who used to whack his knuckles with a ruler.’
    • ‘The players and team doctor received the legroom while he sat beside hatchet-faced FA officials in economy.’