Definition of hatchling in English:



  • A young animal that has recently emerged from its egg.

    • ‘Predators of eggs and hatchlings include small mammals, birds, and other reptiles.’
    • ‘Large-yolked eggs carry more lipid energy and may result in larger hatchlings or hatchlings with larger residual yolk reserves.’
    • ‘The presence of remnant yolk sacs was a good indication that these were indeed hatchlings emerging from their nests.’
    • ‘There are many obstacles for turtle hatchlings, such as crabs, birds and many other predators in the ocean.’
    • ‘Fire ants feed on almost any plant or animal material, including vulnerable reptile and ground-bird hatchlings.’
    • ‘Eggs and hatchlings are predated by members of every class of vertebrates and numerous invertebrates.’
    • ‘When turtle hatchlings emerge at night from their eggs and head for the ocean, lights from hotels and other sources can lead them off course.’
    • ‘Turtle hatchlings normally emerge in the evening hours only and move towards the sea under the cover of darkness.’
    • ‘See how a mother alligator protects her newborn hatchlings in her otherwise deadly jaws, and learn what dangers the babies face in the wild.’
    • ‘It has also been estimated that feral dogs predate nearly 70 per cent of the eggs and hatchlings of the sea turtles in these islands.’
    • ‘The clutch of one mother failed to produce hatchlings, thus yielding a data set of 22 viable clutches.’
    • ‘When the babies hatch, they are the size of a grain of rice. New hatchlings are planktonic for six to nine weeks.’
    • ‘They lay their eggs in July and feed their new hatchlings fresh nuts beginning in August.’
    • ‘Males in two species are known to guard egg clutches and carry hatchlings on their backs.’
    • ‘After cradling the hatchling in her fleece-gloved hands, Patterson measures the length of its bill, then carefully slips the chick into a mesh bag to weigh it.’
    • ‘This hatchling is just one of hundreds of its kind that have been incubated and raised in captivity for release into North America's wetlands.’
    • ‘To protect eggs and hatchlings from predators, volunteers and staff search for nests and collect eggs for incubation.’
    • ‘Green Sea Turtles as hatchlings weigh about an ounce and have a carapace length of 2 inches.’
    • ‘More than 30 eggs and 15 nests were rescued on Tuesday, and 35 hatchlings and juvenile birds were put on incubators.’
    • ‘Increased illumination in the night too would disorient turtles and hatchlings and prevent them from finding their way to the sea after they hatch.’