Definition of haute in English:



(also haut)
  • Fashionably elegant or high-class.

    ‘The 630 guests did their part, contributing high energy and haute fashion to the rarefied party tableau.’
    • ‘The occasion would have been a family car trip; the time, the late '50s - the haute Vegas era of feathery showgirls, sharpies in Sy Devore suits, and Sammy Davis Jr. at the Sands.’
    • ‘It's the ultimate haute Robinson Crusoe hideaway: a handful of thatched villas, constructed by local artisans without recourse to a single nail, incorporating driftwood and reclaimed tree trunks as wall supports and table legs.’
    • ‘What Paris is today is one of the most beautiful and civilized cities in the world, a stronghold of Old World haute bourgeois values and yet one of the most modern cities in Europe.’
    • ‘British luxury goods-makers want to go from haute to hip’



/ōt/ /oʊt/