Definition of have (got) something to oneself in English:

have (got) something to oneself


  • Be able to use, occupy, or enjoy something without having to share it with anyone else.

    ‘now she had the kitchen to herself, Belle got busy peeling potatoes’
    • ‘He was lucky that he was not sharing with anyone yet and had the whole room to himself.’
    • ‘I stretched, enjoying the feeling of having the bed to myself.’
    • ‘Its nice though, I am enjoying having the house to myself for once this evening, and yep, the vodka is working its magic…’
    • ‘I enjoyed having this historic house to myself, complete with creaky floorboards, winding stairs, several portraits and all the original door handles.’
    • ‘Pupils are only a corridor away from resources such as Tonge Moor Library and are able to have it to themselves when it is closed.’
    • ‘She sat in the center of the sofa, as if to show that she enjoyed having the space to herself, but in her eyes I could see that she wasn't happy with the present arrangement.’
    • ‘They have rooms to themselves but share bathrooms.’
    • ‘I only thought it would be so much better if you were able to have the evening to yourself.’
    • ‘And in the highly competitive auto market, it's rare for anyone to have a niche to themselves for very long.’
    • ‘If you revisit ports, you may prefer to stay onboard and revel in having the ship to yourself, a luxury many passengers never enjoy.’