Definition of have mercy on (or upon) in English:

have mercy on (or upon)


  • Show compassion or forgiveness to.

    ‘may the Lord have mercy on her soul’
    • ‘And every mother prays for her son, May God forgive him and have mercy on him.’
    • ‘If God is all forgiving then he will have mercy on us for taking some drastic measures to defend the people.’
    • ‘O Allah, forgive me, have mercy on me, guide me aright and grant me sustenance.’
    • ‘May Allah forgive all living and all dead and have mercy upon us all.’
    • ‘If this is indeed the case, then may God have mercy on all our souls, for the problem is even deeper than I had previously feared.’
    • ‘He begged his god's forgiveness and asked him to have mercy on his children.’
    • ‘Let every community set a watch in prayer and uplift each other and may God have mercy upon our souls.’
    • ‘May the Lord have mercy on your soul,’ the judge said to a silent Cadette, who smiled as he was led out of the courtroom by police.’
    • ‘‘May the lord have mercy on your soul,’ Scott said.’
    • ‘And may he have mercy on us all, especially victims and abusers.’
    pardon, forgive, grant an amnesty to, amnesty