Definition of have someone or something in mind in English:

have someone or something in mind


  • 1Be thinking of.

    • ‘Everyone is thought to be after something, everyone is thought to have some particular goal in mind, independent of the goal that he or she happens to articulate.’
    • ‘I'm leaning towards some kind of biography but I have no particular subject in mind.’
    • ‘He obviously had this particular project in mind for some time, and had given a great deal of thought to what he wanted to accomplish.’
    • ‘He drove mindlessly for about fifteen minutes because he had no particular destination in mind.’
    • ‘India on the other hand do not seem to have any particular plan in mind - and this is why the opposition sometimes dictates terms.’
    • ‘He has no particular destination in mind but is hoping to take in some interesting sites before returning to his nine-to-five job.’
    • ‘If you have a weekend date in mind, particularly a Saturday, advance booking is strongly advised to avoid disappointment.’
    • ‘‘Sometimes a group will have a topic in mind, or other times they will contact the speaker to talk about their needs,’ says Wyngaard.’
    • ‘If you don't have a school in mind but still would like to participate, let us know that too.’
    • ‘I had this kid in mind, Romen, who is unable to participate in this male rite of passage and is ashamed of the fact that he is unable to do it.’
    think of, contemplate
    1. 1.1Intend.
      ‘I had it in mind to ask you to work for me’
      • ‘Even so, it was a bit of a blow to be dropped for the Scottish match, though Eddie probably had it in mind to give Johnny O'Connor a game.’
      • ‘He was bottling things up, had it in mind to do something to himself.’
      • ‘Anyway, I've looked and if you had it in mind to bring down Big Ben you'd be better off with an aircraft.’
      • ‘When he was finished he had it in mind to take the instructions and make umbrellas at home, as he saw that the various equipment needed for the process from the beginning to the end would not be difficult to obtain.’
      • ‘William simply wanted to know, and as he gave chase, leaving Lisa behind, calling after him, he had it in mind to make the stranger give him that answer.’
      • ‘Both Jasper and Ratanaporn had it in mind to vacate the area, and the Dane, measuring a muscular 190 cm, was a little much for the police to handle.’
      • ‘He had it in mind to do himself an injury, or the court, and he decided to come to this place where his action would be more constructively directed towards those who make the law.’
      • ‘From before all time, God had it in mind to bring her into existence and to entrust to her the conception and rearing of his eternal Son.’
      • ‘He did speak about himself - I thought he would be far more modest than that - but I had it in mind to congratulate him.’
      • ‘She had, however, by means of getting the earlier claim form had it in mind to claim.’
      intend, mean, aim, plan, design, have the intention, have in mind, have a mind