Definition of have something to burn in English:

have something to burn


  • Possess something in great abundance.

    ‘this is the place to shop if you have money to burn’
    • ‘Even if I did have cash to burn, I wouldn't trade it in for a make-over any day.’
    • ‘It doesn't hurt that Edwards has charm and charisma to burn.’
    • ‘We have quite a few hours to burn; what do you want to do?’
    • ‘She had ideas to burn, and in the fast, new, modern world everything was up for grabs.’
    • ‘If you've got money to burn, see it at the cinema.’
    • ‘I've thought over the years that I would like to have a daily paper, if I had money to burn.’
    • ‘With holiday bills still clobbering your credit-card balances and income taxes coming up soon, who has the money to burn for an expensive spring break?’
    • ‘This production has talent to burn.’
    • ‘Now, I have time to burn on such exploits.’
    • ‘I would say watching a film together is fine when you have infinite time to burn.’