Definition of have to pinch oneself in English:

have to pinch oneself


  • Used to convey that a good situation is so surprising that the person involved has to make sure they are not imagining it.

    ‘sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize it isn't all a dream’
    • ‘The more Collins talks, the more you have to pinch yourself.’
    • ‘Roger East occasionally has to pinch himself to make sure he isn't dreaming.’
    • ‘I had to pinch myself in case I was dreaming.’
    • ‘I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe how far we've come.’
    • ‘I have to pinch myself to realize he's 24.’
    • ‘The jazz singer of the moment tells Charles Hutchinson that most days she still has to pinch herself.’
    • ‘At this point in the interview I had to pinch myself.’
    • ‘Mr Obama's former colleagues have to pinch themselves that their now illustrious friend has a real shot at the White House.’
    • ‘At this point I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.’
    • ‘She almost had to pinch herself to believe it was true.’