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  • 1A place of safety or refuge.

    ‘a haven for wildlife’
    • ‘About a third of these partnerships are registered in the Cayman Islands or other secrecy havens, which may make it impossible to unravel the worst corporate collapse in American history.’
    • ‘The chatrooms were the havens of the anonymous.’
    • ‘You have criticized the greedy capitalists for breaking unions, leveling entire industries, and throwing men out of work to shift jobs to cheap labor havens.’
    • ‘France's reputation as a cheaper alternative to Spain is decreasing, as some buyers desert Spanish resorts in favour of France's rural farmland havens.’
    • ‘The refuge provides a haven for people fleeing violent or abusive relationships.’
    • ‘Like any nation competing for foreign trade or investment, African countries have to focus on a variety of policies as a strategy to become more globally acceptable as investment havens.’
    • ‘Dozens of abandoned and neglected dogs and cats are to find shelter in a new haven, thanks to a community's generosity.’
    • ‘It may have strengthened his hand if he had once recognised that Australia is still, as always, one of the world's havens for refugees.’
    • ‘Workshops will be held to explore how graveyards can be turned into wildlife havens.’
    • ‘You know the places; largely soulless havens for thirtysomethings, the complete antithesis of a traditional British boozer.’
    • ‘Zambia and Zambians have the potential to make the country not only a haven of peace but also a land of plenty.’
    • ‘Instead of driving money out of the stock market, the resulting financial insecurities promise to keep money in that might otherwise gravitate toward safer havens.’
    • ‘But, while it may be advantageous to become an exile for taxation purposes, some businessmen simply move their assets to havens such as Switzerland to shroud their financial affairs in secrecy.’
    • ‘Interest in commercial property funds, particularly from retail investors, has increased sharply in recent months as people look for safer havens away from equity markets.’
    • ‘Gardeners have been called upon to turn their green spaces into wildlife havens for animals and birds.’
    • ‘The various investigations underway should yield very important insights into how we can make buildings safer havens, and easier to escape as well.’
    • ‘Hedgerow trees, a traditional sight in the British countryside and important havens for wildlife are fast disappearing, a conservation body has warned.’
    • ‘A ratings downgrade may compel Americans to direct their savings to safer havens - thus preserving a healthier pool of savings from which America's economy can be rebuilt.’
    refuge, retreat, shelter, sanctuary, asylum, place of safety, place of security, port in a storm, harbour, oasis, sanctum
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    1. 1.1An inlet providing shelter for ships or boats; a harbor or small port.
      ‘This dominion not only extends over the open seas, but also over all creeks, arms of the sea, havens, ports, and tide-rivers, as far as the reach of the tide, around the coasts of the kingdom.’
      • ‘I can see a lot more vessels taking advantage of this natural boat haven over the winter.’
      • ‘The majority of vessels were sloops and schooners of 50-100 tons, ideal for working cargoes from the shallow and confined havens of north Northumberland.’
      • ‘Outstanding natural havens, as well as rivers, forests, wetlands, deserts and endangered species, all demand immediate regeneration and protection.’
      • ‘Timber was brought downriver to the haven. Ships were built in the shipyards there, and timber was also sent on to Numenor.’
      anchorage, harbour, port, mooring, roads
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/ˈhāv(ə)n/ /ˈheɪv(ə)n/


Late Old English hæfen, from Old Norse hǫfn; related to Dutch haven, German Hafen ‘harbor’.