Definition of Haversian canal in English:

Haversian canal


  • Any of the minute tubes which form a network in bone and contain blood vessels.

    • ‘Vascular canals, called Volkmann's canals, traverse the long axis of the bone; they are always at right angles to Haversian canals.’
    • ‘It is perforated by microscopic channels; the Haversian canals (described by Havers, an English physician in the seventeenth century) Blood vessels pass through these canals, and bone cells are arranged concentrically around them.’
    • ‘Each Haversian canal is oriented along the long axis of the bone and contains blood vessels and nerves.’
    • ‘Every part of a Haversian system is supplied with nutrient fluids derived from the vessels in the Haversian canal and distributed through the canaliculi and lacunae.’
    • ‘The primary purpose of the vessels typically found in Haversian canals is to provide a blood supply to bone cells, which are also known as osteocytes.’


Mid 19th century named after Clopton Havers (1650–1702), English anatomist.


Haversian canal