Definition of hawk moth in English:

hawk moth


(also hawkmoth)
  • A large swift-flying moth with a stout body and narrow forewings, typically feeding on nectar while hovering.

    Family Sphingidae: several genera and many species

    ‘Most hawkmoths feed while hovering in front of flowers and use visual cues to control hovering flight.’
    • ‘Colour vision in humans and honeybees is restricted to brighter light intensities than those accessible to nocturnal hawkmoths.’
    • ‘Under limited light, similar to that of late dusk, Kelber and her colleagues trained sixteen hawkmoths to find the sugar solution placed in the centers of artificial flowers.’
    • ‘Even in dim starlight, however, nocturnal hawkmoths use chromatic cues rather than achromatic cues to recognize rewarding flowers.’
    • ‘Hawkmoths searching for alluring odors respond to leaf fragrances as well as to those of flowers.’