Definition of hayfork in English:



  • 1A hand tool for lifting hay; pitchfork.

    • ‘He got his nickname from an incident involving a hayfork.’
    • ‘He quickly grabbed a hayfork and pointed to Richter, while his opponent unsheathed the sword.’
    • ‘Last week my neighbour got stabbed with a hayfork.’
    • ‘On the wall behind the three people there is a hayfork and rake.’
    1. 1.1A machine for lifting hay.
      • ‘At the hay barn, one man would unload the rack using the hay fork’
      • ‘The hay would be lifted up into the loft with a hayfork, using a rope and a system of pulleys.’
      • ‘With the hayfork carefully lowered down onto the wagon, the fork would be closed to grasp a load of hay.’



/ˈhāfôrk/ /ˈheɪfɔrk/