Definition of he'll in English:


Pronunciation /hiːl/ /hɪl/


  • He shall; he will.

    • ‘If he succeeds, he'll richly deserve one of those expensive cigars which are his trademark.’
    • ‘He may not be the fastest runner next weekend, but he'll give it his best shot, rugby match or no rugby match.’
    • ‘I'm quite sure he'll never ask me now if I remember how it feels to work a 60 hour week.’
    • ‘Things are going well, and he reckons he'll be back at the end of next week.’
    • ‘He's just had a kid, he'll be grateful to be guaranteed a job for at least another 3 months.’
    • ‘So, we sigh, grit our teeth, and clear the way for the bloke to do his job, hoping he'll not take too long over it.’
    • ‘He isn't yet at the stage where he'll agree to go to a dentist, being convinced it's not a tooth problem.’
    • ‘But the fact that he annoys the other housemates so much might be why he'll stay this week.’
    • ‘Just crank up the volume a notch when he gets something right and he'll get the message.’
    • ‘He was forced to pull up but the thrill of the ride is something he'll never forget.’
    • ‘Thomas had a big input in the teams last year and hopefully he'll do the same again.’
    • ‘He's going to hold it up - and if we get the ball across the face of goal he'll be in there.’
    • ‘As soon as Eddie's back is turned he'll be the first one to plot his downfall.’
    • ‘We are told pensioners needn't worry as he'll use the old system for their pension increases.’
    • ‘Give a politician some facts and he'll draw his own confusions.’
    • ‘If he gets his chance at international level, he'll toughen the Scotland defence.’
    • ‘But we all know that he'll marry her, because it seems like the easy way out for him.’
    • ‘They operated on him this afternoon so hopefully he'll be fast asleep by now.’
    • ‘He made one or two mistakes which he'll learn from and correct but it's a pleasing performance.’
    • ‘But once his encore is over, he'll be jumping back in the car and going back to London.’



/hiːl/ /hɪl/