Definition of head fake in English:

head fake


  • 1North American (in sports) an act of moving the head in such a way as to deceive an opponent as to one's intended direction or move.

    ‘Teague uses a head fake to get James thinking the play is going to the left wing’
    ‘when he says things that progressives find pleasing, it's almost always a head fake’
    • ‘One head fake later, the puck is deposited in the net.’
    • ‘Wow him with your skills—give him a head fake and go in for a layup.’
    • ‘A player is guarding you close, so head fake them—jerk your head up quickly toward the basket like you are going to shoot, then drive right or left.’
    • ‘I try to give the quarterback a little head fake and sidestep him.’
    • ‘During the last presidential campaign, they perfected the art of the head fake.’
    1. 1.1Stock Market An increase or decrease in stock price or market performance that is quickly followed by a shift in the opposite direction.
      ‘the 100-points-plus rally in the Dow was a head fake that drew short-term traders into a 300-points-plus sell-off’
      • ‘The recent zoom in silver and the precious metals mining stocks is additional evidence that this breakout is not a head fake.’
      • ‘We had a similar head fake in January of 1990, when the weather was unsually warm and the market was tanking.’
      • ‘While it looks like investors may have gotten ahead of the fundamentals for the moment, there's more to this rally than a head fake.’
      • ‘The stock could very well make a head fake down through the trend line and then immediately reverse and break out to the upside.’
      • ‘Sustainable post-recession equity bull markets usually require a vigorous tailwind, which is why the rallies of 1981 and 2002 proved to be head fakes.’