Definition of head restraint in English:

head restraint


  • A headrest on the seat of a vehicle that prevents the head from jerking back suddenly in the event of a collision or sudden stop.

    ‘some head restraints sit too far forward and are uncomfortable’
    • ‘All the safety stuff is here, including a nice pair of roll hoops behind each head restraint.’
    • ‘Many models in that group did surprisingly poorly due to the lack of a locking head restraint.’
    • ‘Good-quality adjustable head restraints are provided in cars of the top segment.’
    • ‘Active head restraints, with an anti-whiplash action, are standard.’
    • ‘The active safety measures include inflatable curtain, front bags, and the active head restraints.’
    • ‘Front and side airbags are also fitted, together with active safety head restraints for driver and front passenger.’
    • ‘Nice touches include three separate three-point seat belts and adjustable head restraints.’
    • ‘Though many of the new technology cars provide adjustable head restraints, they do not often meet the prescribed standards.’
    • ‘The study showed that less than half of all adjustable head restraints were adjusted upwards to their proper height.’
    • ‘These seats provide head and neck support for your child if your vehicle seat back does not have a head restraint.’