Definition of head shop in English:

head shop


  • A store that sells drug-related paraphernalia.

    ‘Most were functional but too plastic; others were decorated with shining glass beads and chimes that recalled a New Age head shop in Sedona.’
    • ‘Part head shop, part gallery, Soma was featuring an opening for the work of Free Five, a graffiti artist delving into the fine art world for the first time.’
    • ‘It's now the Electric Fetus, a venerable head shop and record store.’
    • ‘The only two stores were a mall chain store and the local head shop.’
    • ‘Sales everywhere from jewellery stores to head shops went to almost nothing at that time.’
    • ‘They sold through different outlets: head shops, not news-stands.’
    • ‘In addition to raiding warehouses and head shops, federal agents led by the Drug Enforcement Administration disabled a dozen Web sites that allegedly marketed drug paraphernalia.’
    • ‘‘Most of the major drug traffickers in California don't shop at head shops,’ said Barankin.’
    • ‘We'd hit the head shops and buy different flavored rolling papers, then walk down the street and lick them like lollipops.’
    • ‘One time we closed the office to make a quick run to the local head shop.’
    • ‘Tucked in among the restaurants, bars, cafés and head shops on St-Denis below Sherbrooke, this cozy new eatery has been packing in the weekend party people with a revolving cast of electro DJs since May.’
    • ‘They were a musical and mass-marketed equivalent to hose hideous ‘whale songs’ and ‘forest sounds’ CDs that head shops play if you make the mistake of not ordering a bong off the Internet.’
    • ‘Although more and better research is still needed, water pipes available for purchase in head shops, or home made versions of them, may be used to filter the tar and paniculate matter that is found in marijuana smoke.’
    • ‘In Edinburgh, this is next to the head shops on Cockburn Street.’
    • ‘We were in the Haight, a neighborhood known for head shops, funky clothes and '60s memorabilia.’
    • ‘There is a small amount of skate clothing but the majority of wearable goods are the hippie-type clothes spilling over from the head shop in back.’
    • ‘They would equally suit the head shop and the daycare.’
    • ‘Apparently they are quite common in London head shops these days.’
    • ‘I remember watching a documentary about this company last year, and it does bring up some interesting issues, none of which I'll talk about because I tend to stay out of the head shop but I'd like to see what others think…’
    • ‘Doesn't every head shop have little signs saying ‘for tobacco use only’ in front of every pipe?’