Definition of head-trip in English:



  • 1An intellectually stimulating experience.

    ‘The Jefferson Airplane scored a huge hit by melting the adventures in Wonderland into the ultimate rock-and-roll head-trip.’
    • ‘In fact, the film looks and sounds like an un-psychedelic, '60s-era head-trip.’
    • ‘Watching with my mum makes it even more of a head-trip.’
    • ‘While the basic narrative premise is intriguing, the constant evocation of drug induced head-trips proves less so.’
    • ‘Words that fall easy to the lame pen turn me off pretty fast and those who bring perfect words back from long head-trips give me chills.’
    • ‘‘Pluto’ is another electronic-heavy, cryptic tone more suited for a psychedelic head-trip than easy listening on a summer evening.’
    • ‘That movie is such a head-trip that it freaks me out, and even though I hate being freaked out (and it's a rare event that it happens), I love the fact that the film is powerful enough to connect with me and effect me like that.’
    • ‘Then there's the psychological pleasure in disciplining someone because, as you say, he or she's been naughty, not to mention the whole head-trip of submission and domination or control.’
    • ‘Over an hour and forty-five minutes later, ‘Confession,’ a nine-minute ambient head-trip closes the second disc.’
    • ‘While Michael's becoming a highly medicated ‘my-body-is-a-temple’ kind of guy, Matt is beginning to respond to the world as if it were one huge and continual head-trip.’
  • 2An act performed primarily for self-gratification.